Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Wild Child (on Long Nails)


Approx. $10 @ Target

It is basically like a sticker that sticks to your nail.  Find a strip that best fits your nail.  Pull of the back of the strip/sticker off so that the sticky part is exposed. Put it on slowly and smooth it out as you put it on with the smooth end of the nail file that is provided inside the package.  File off the excess on the edges.  Then apply a clear top coat.

There have been mixed reviews, some people say it chipps within the first day, others say it lasts beyond 2 weeks.  For me it definetely lasted me the whole 2 weeks and probably would have lasted longer if I had not decided to change my nail polish.  To me it was a hassle to put on.  I actually enjoy painting my nails but I did not enjoy putting these nail strips/stickers on.  Matching them up perfectly with your nails takes time, patience, and a very steady hand.  The strips either seemed way too big or just a tad too small.  Then smoothing it out and removing all the air bubbles was another story.  Once I was done I was very satisfied, always apply a top coat if you want it to last.  Was the process of putting it on worth the cost and results???  Thats up in the air, I am not sure that I will buy these again.  I have taken a look at the other designs they offer and none of them have caught my eye.  So we will see.  One way that I will make sure to get my moneys worth is only apply them to 2 nails (my accent nails) at a time.  That way they will last longer.

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