Monday, November 29, 2010

Weight Update



I used to be super weight obsessed.  I used to weigh myself 5-10 times every single day, and would feel mad if I got below a certain weight.  But lately I have not been that way at all.  Which is a great thing, finally my body shape has kinda just stabilized so that when I gain or lose 5-10 lbs my body shape pretty much doesn't change a bit.  For that reason I have not payed that much attention to how many lbs I am, because I know if I am 134 or 140 it doesn't matter because my shape wont change.  Last time I did a weight update I mentioned that I have not been eating that much and that I was between I think 134-136.  Since then my eating habits have not changed one bit.  I still eat one meal a day, I snack at most once a day, and drink 1-2 nutritional supplements a day. The only change is I drink alot more water.  My husboo was actually telling me today that I need to start eating more because he does not understand how I only eat one meal a day.  So I was shocked when I just got on the scale and saw 142 wtf.   I was so surprised.  And no I did not gain Thanksgiving weight.  I barely ate anything on Thanksgiving and I have not eaten any leftovers.  My mom cooked for Thanksgiving and I do not like my moms cooking so the weight change is not due to that.  I wonder if its just water weight, but I doubt that because I have been drinking excessive amounts of water for at least a month now and I am just now noticing a change in my weight.  I should have known I gained because my Husboo told me lately that my lower hips are wider.  I also noticed the wideness of my lower hips. My weight is soo interesting to me I gained weight for absolutely no reason at all. 

I am beginning to wonder if Subway steak and cheese subs are really fattening.  For the past week or 2 the one meal that I have been eating is a Subways steak and cheese sub and that is absolutely it.  That along with a can of soda and maybe a snack of either a cookie or 2, or bagel, or ice cream. I dunno..........its weird, but 140's again like I was last winter sounds great to me! :)


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