Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How to Make your Butt Bigger Naturally


When I was super skinny I had a pancake flat azz.  A year ago I achieved something I thought I would just never have.........I HAD A NICE ROUNDED AZZ. 

So I figured I would explain what I did.  I am not making this stuff up, I originally got part of this information from a personal trainer.  The secret was BUTT EXERCISES!!!!  And the exercises are simple and not difficult.


BUTT EXERCISE #1:  Stand straight up, back straight, and legs closed.  Then squeeze both butt cheeks together and relax, squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax.  Do this for 10-30 mins a day.

BUTT EXERCISE #2:  Stand straight up, back straight, legs straight.  Place one hand on a chair, or anything that will help keep you steady.  Then left one leg up, and pull it backwards, towards ur back so that it is horizontal to the ground, and squeeze the butt cheek connected to that leg while you are doing that.  Then release, relax, and put that leg back down to the ground.  Then repeat with the other leg and other butt cheek.  Do this for 10-30 mins a day.

These exercises can be done any where around the house, while watching tv, and anytime during the day....so there are really no excuses as to why you shouldn't do them.  This will also help if you have a fat flaby azz, or any type of azz looseness or imperfections.  And no ones azz is perfect.  Shit I need to start doing them again myself because when I lost weight in April 2010 I lost my azz and when I gained the weight back I forgot about my excercises and I def don't have the roundness I had last year :(  So I will be starting this butt exercise routine myself once again.

*******If you dont get exactly how I explained to do these exercises let me know.  I have considered doing a youtube video on how these exercises are done but I also thought doing a video like this would be a bit weird.  So let me know if I should just do a video on how to exercise the booty!



  1. Hi!! Came across you videos on youtube, and i want to say THANK YOU for all the skinny females out there :)

    I'm gonna give your method a try in May for a month as soon as this semester is over, hopefully i get the same results as you :)

  2. Hey! How long did you do the butt exercises before seeing reults? and does it have to be an on going things after you recieve result to remain the achieved shape?

    1. You have to do it everyday to keep your but in that particular shape. Even if you got that butt still do it so your butt wont go away .

  3. heyy i deff need help getting my butt bak after i had my son! plz help!!

  4. um? how long do you have to do these exercises everyday? Please&Thank You!(:

  5. Did you do a video for this? I'd love to see how you do the exercise 2 cuzz I don't get it...

  6. Hiii BLKBEAUTY,
    Is it possible to make a tutorial on booty exercises, since i want my fat flat one to be more bouncy!!! your exercices looks very interesting and seems to work!!!i am already on BUTT EXERCISE #1 while i am writing!!lool Thank you for all vlog and blogs!!!!

  7. How does that make it bigger doesnt tht juss tighten your butt??

  8. I can see how these exercises will help your ass but how can you stand to do this for 10-30 minutes a day!?? I would get soooo bored!

  9. Hi keke to my opinion I think that you should do a video it would be awesome

  10. Wrote it all down! Gonna start tomorrow! I recently lost alot of weight after i had my 4th baby and lost my booty, it was always good sized before, wish me luck! And yes please make a video, us flat booty girl's would sooo appreciate it!

  11. please can you do a video for this? i think it would be more motivational :)

  12. Omg I wish I had a nice body like u but im saying it as a compliment. I lost my body after I had my 2 kids. Well its still there itz just tht I got all loose and flabby. Itz embarrasing. Rite wen I was getting my confidence bak some girl tht supposedly was my friend put me down again. I had went out to drink wit her and her guy friends and they wer talking shit. Fucking assholes. Now I want to prove them wring and get my body and confidence back. Plz help : )

  13. What is your YouTube video called ?

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  16. Can you give us more excercises and like what to eat and stuff like that? & yea def a video please! Also, will these excersises help your small booty grow?

  17. What's your youtube account ? Do you have the video cause i don't get excercise 2

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